Guest are required to provide Carnival with check-in information by completing the Online Check-in and select an Arrival Appointment no later than midnight (eastern time) prior to their sailing date.

In order to get your boarding pass, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Organizer Access' at bottom of the page (under 'Already Booked' column)
  • Provide reservation number, guest last name with date of birth, ship and sail date
  • From 'My Cruise Manager' page please select 'Cruise Details'
  • Select 'Online Check-in' to complete registration (follow the prompts) from 'Select a Guest' or 'Get Started'
  • Answer Guest Information, Citizenship Information, Travel Information, set up the Onboard Expense Account and accept the Cruise Ticket Contract
  • Then select 'View Cruise Documents' (check all boxes please)
  • From E-Document, you may print your boarding pass (page one) and luggage tags (last page)
  • You can print your boarding pass if your booking is paid in full and Online Check-in is complete or incomplete. Click 'Print Documents' found in the 'To Do List Box' on the My Cruise Manager page.

Online Check-in ends at midnight (eastern time) prior to your sailing date; after that time you will have to check-in at the cruise terminal. You may also access your reservation through your profile if you already have a profile. Please note you must add the reservation into your profile.  

On embarkation day, a boarding pass will be emailed to your email address that is linked to your reservation profile, whether Online Check-in has been completed or not. At embarkation, you may show your printed boarding pass or the boarding pass on your mobile phone.  


Guests must enter their full legal name in 'Online Check-In' as it appears on their travel documentation. Guest names that are different on their reservation to what they have entered as their legal name will be given an advisory to contact Carnival's call center to have their name changed, to reflect the name they have entered in 'Online Check-In'.

Information Pre-Populated in 'Online Check-In'
The 'Online Check-In' system will pre-populate the following fields based on the information in the guest's reservation; if this information needs to be changed, the guest must call their travel agent or Carnival (if booked directly):

  • Title
  • First name  
  • Last name
  • Gender

For guests that have previously sailed with Carnival (past guests), the 'Online Check-In' system will pre-populate the following fields based on existing information in the Past Guest database; guests will have the ability to make the necessary changes to any of these fields:

  • Middle name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Home Telephone Number
  • Have you sailed with Carnival before?
  • Permanent Home Address section (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State/Province, Zip Code and Country)


Guest Information - For All Guests

General Information: First Name / Middle Name/ Last Name / Gender / Date of Birth

  • Please note - Pregnancy Policy: Pregnant guests who enter the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age before or at any time during the cruise will not be allowed to sail. Are you pregnant now? (Yes or No) 
  • Based on age, all women will be asked the above question

Permanent Address: Country / Address Line 1 / Address Line 2 / City / State/Province / Zip/Postal Code
Contact Information: Primary Phone / Mobile Phone / Email Address

  • The guest can subscribe to Carnival's mobile travel alert service to receive text alerts. Terms and Conditions apply. Text alerts will only be sent to guests for important updates and or urgent notices.  

Emergency Contact: First Name / Last Name / Relationship / Phone Number

  • In the event of an emergency while on board, provide us with a name and contact number of the nearest relative not traveling with you

Citizenship Information

U.S Citizens
Citizenship Information: Country of Citizenship / Country of Residency
Acceptable documents for travel - Which travel document will you be bringing on your trip?

  • Passport: Document Number / Country of Issuance / City of Issuance (or Authority) / Date of Issuance / Date of Expiration
  • Passport Card: Document Number / Date of Expiration
  • Naturalization Certificate/Certificate of Citizenship 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)

Acceptable documents for travel - Please select the citizenship document and fill out the appropriate information

  • Passport: Document Number / Country of Issuance / City of Issuance (or Authority) / Date of Issuance / Date of Expiration

Non U.S Citizens / Non Canadian Citizens
Acceptable documents for travel - Please select the citizenship document and fill out the appropriate information

  • Passport: Document Number / Country of Issuance / City of Issuance (or Authority) / Date of Issuance / Date of Expiration 
  • Permanent Resident Card (for U.S Permanent Residents)

Travel Information
This information is collected to create a hassle free vacation before and after the cruise. For Europe sailings and guests who have pre-purchased transfers, this information will be required. The guest will not have the ability to opt out.

Will you be flying in for your cruise? (Yes or No)
Will you be flying out after your cruise? (Yes or No)
How will you be getting to/from the pier - select transportation: Personal Vehicle / Friend/Family drop-off / Rental Car / Taxicab / Airport Shuttle / Bus (not provided by Carnival) / Train / Other
Please provide your Arrival (before cruise) - and - Return (after cruise) flight details to search for your flight: From / To / Departure Date / Departure Time / Airline

  • Based on flight information entered, a list of flights will be generated. The guest has the option to modify search or select their itinerary or enter manual flight information to add connecting flights, if applicable.



Carnival operates a cashless system onboard - all guests must be added to an expense account for onboard services and purchases, even if they are not given charging privileges. Since the onboard currency is the US Dollar, all monetary transactions on your onboard account (i.e, billing, charges, disbursements, etc.) are managed in USD.

Click Open a New Account
Please select the type of account you would like to open. Credit or Debit / Cash Account

  • Credit or Debit Card: Open your onboard expense account (billed In U.S Dollars) using any major credit or debit card. We accept: Visa / MasterCard / American Express / The Discover Card / JCB / Diner's Club
  • Cash Account: Open your onboard expense account using cash. Cash will be collected upon boarding. We accept only U.S Dollars.

Terms & Conditions - Accept Terms: Once the method of payment is selected, guests are asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of the Onboard Expense Account. Once they have read them, they must select their name from the dropdown and click 'Accept Terms'.

Credit Card/Debit Card Information: First Name / Last Name / Card Type / Credit Card # / Expiration Date

  • Note: Please provide the information as it appears on your credit/debit card. Authorization will not be obtained until the day of the voyage. On the morning of sailing, the credit/debit card provided will be charged with an initial hold of $100 (for cruises 5 days or less) or $200 (for cruises 6 days or more). Throughout the cruise, incremental holds will be obtained as needed, applied by your card's issuing bank. If any payment is given to replace credit/debit card previously provided, the hold will remain on your account, as determined by your card's issuing bank, which will reduce the amount of funds available on your credit/debit card.  

Would you like to give charging privileges to guests in another stateroom? Click on link 'Include guests from another booking/stateroom' and enter the booking information for the guests you would like to include on this account (you can access up to two bookings). Select from dropdown list: Include in this account - allow to charge / Include in this account - do not allow to charge / Do not include in this account.

  • In order to complete your minor's booking, they will need to be added to an adult's onboard expense account but do not necessarily need to be given charging privileges. Please include any applicable minor in your own booking.


This page provides Terms and Conditions about the cruise. This information should be reviewed thoroughly.

To complete your online check-in, you must agree to the following cruise ticket contract.

  • Cruise Ticket Contract Acceptance Information: Guest must scroll through the cruise ticket contract and review thoroughly. Guest will certify that he/she is an adult with full legal authority to enter into this cruise ticket contract for themselves and/or on behalf of the guest(s) selected.
  • Accept Cruise Ticket Contract Terms and Conditions: Guest must select their name from the dropdown and click on the names they will be accepting for.
  • Would you like to accept Cruise Ticket Contract for minors in another stateroom? In order to accept the cruise ticket contract for minors, an adult must accept the contract for them by signing the contract. Click on link 'Include guests from another booking/stateroom' and enter the booking information for the minor guests you would like to accept cruise ticket contract for (you can access up to two bookings).


Once the Terms and Conditions have been accepted, this completes the Online Check-In process. This is indicated by the guest name(s) appearing in green and the prompt will read 'This guest has completed Online Check-In'.

Why is this important? Completing this process before you arrive at the port will make the boarding process even easier. Once your Online Check-In is complete, you'll be able to print your boarding pass, luggage tags and even additional documents from home, to save you time when boarding.