Transferring Your Booking to Cruise Brothers

Most people believe that by booking directly with a Cruise Line they automatically get the best deal but we often hear that our “offer” is better – so how can you take advantage of our offer if you are already booked direct? Well, if you transfer your booking to us, then you can take advantage of our offer. You can also keep the same cabin and booking number.

The cruise lines have made the process fairly simple. Our Cruise Brothers Travel Experts can help you and let you know exactly what special "offer" your booking may be eligible to receive from Cruise Brothers such as, On board spending money (Shipboard Credit), free specialty dining, wine and much more!

Cruise Lines Travel Agent Transfer Policies:

Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
You may transfer your cruise booking to Cruise Brothers up until 30 days from creation as long as your transfer request is made outside of Final Payment and your booking has not yet been paid in full. If your booking has a ChoiceAir ticket or if the transfer request involves a change in currency we cannot accommodate a transfer.

Carnival Cruise Line
You may transfer your cruise booking to Cruise Brothers within 30 days of making the original booking as long as it is not past the final payment date. In order to transfer the booking, you will provide us with your booking pin number and we will be able to transfer it over for you.

You may transfer your cruise bookings to Cruise Brothers any time before final payment. If you have made deposit on the booking then you need to send a letter to Cunard. Please call us for assistance.

If your booking has not yet been paid in full you can transfer your Disney Cruise Booking to a Travel Agent. In order to transfer booking, your agent can help you complete the transfer form and send it to Disney Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line
Bookings may be transferred to Cruise Brothers up until 60 days from creation if your booking has not yet been paid in full.

You can transfer your Avalon booking any time prior to making the final payment. If you have already paid your deposit, you will lose the deposit. So any benefit to transfer the booking will have to be greater than the deposit amount. Our agents will help you complete the transfer.

You may transfer your MSC Cruise Booking to Cruise Brothers anytime prior to making the final payment. Call us for assistance.

You may transfer your Holland America Cruise booking to Cruise Brothers as long as you have not yet paid in full. 

If you have made your Viking River Cruise booking in the last 60 days and have not yet paid it in full, then you can transfer your booking to Cruise Brothers The process is simple, please call us for assistance.