Russia & Northwest Asia

Taking a cruise to Russia and Northwest Asia will give you the experience of a lifetime. In Russia, the largest country in the world you can visit Red Square, the Gilded Palaces of St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring towns of Yaroslavl and Uglich.

Russia is filled with hidden treasures. You will find famous works of art and a rich cultural heritage. In Moscow there are many museums, theaters, colleges and research facilities.  The Kremlin, Vladimir Lenin’s tomb, St. Basils Cathedral and the 120-year-old GUM department store are just some of the sites you should see while there.

In St. Petersburg, travel back in time to a romantic time. You’ll find spectacular architecture, baroque palaces and cathedrals and some of the world’s greatest works of art in the Hermitage.  The Hermitage houses the art collections of Picasso, Matisse and Rembrandt.  In the evening you and watch the famous Kirov Ballet at the Mariinsky Theater and have dinner at the famous Astora Hotel.

A river cruise will offer you the opportunity to travel beyond these two cities.  As you wind down the Volga, you will go through canals and the expansive lakes of Onega and Ladoga. Along the river’s edge you’ll see lush landscapes, idyllic forests, potato and beet fields, open plains and the impressive green-domed churches. 

Yaroslavl is another city you will see along the way. Known for its onion topped churches and quaint city streets. You will also have the opportunity to visit the rural parts of Western Russia in Goritsy or the Mandrogi village, which is reconstructed to look just as it did during the 18th century. These cities are referred to as "Golden Ring" cities, because of their historic significance. There you will find fresco-adorned Orthodox churches and monasteries.

You can see the royal jewels of the czars and czarinas at the Kremlin and look at hundreds of beautifully decorated and jewel in crusted Faberge eggs from the 1800’s.

While onboard your cruise ship, most lines offer lectures on the country’s history, language lessons and cooking demonstrations. Your cruise to Russia will be a once in a lifetime experience. Cruising past riverbanks along the waterway of the Czars will be something magical!