Viking Buri

Viking Buri

Enjoy the view from the ship’s big panoramic windows!  See breathtaking sights while enjoying outstanding service and accommodations while you cruise down the rivers of Europe.

Unpack just once on this state of the art ship and enjoy your spacious stateroom. Once on board you will enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel. The cabins onboard are filled with amenities including heated mirrors and floors in bathrooms.

From her spacious Veranda Staterooms and French Balcony Staterooms with a sliding glass door you will have outstanding river views in every room! The ship also offers true suites each with two full sized room!

The Explorer Suite, features a separate living room, a separate queen or king bed, a large bathroom with rain shower and a wraparound veranda terrace showcasing the view from the back of the ship. With more square footage Buri’s suites offer a comfortable, and impressive, private oasis.

The Aquavit Terrace is one of the most popular features of Viking Longships. The space can go from outdoors to indoors depending on the weather and offers an outdoor dining experience that comes with 270-degree views.

The ship is named for Buri, the first god in Norse mythology. He was created, not by a mother or father, but by a giant frosty cow named Audumbla. As she licked the salty blocks of ice in Ginnagagap, the shape of a man, Buri, was formed and she nourished him with her milk.