Viking Baldur

Viking Baldur

Sailing Viking River Cruises' most popular itineraries, the Baldur offers a wonderful river cruise experience. Guests will find outstanding views from every window and amenities galore!

Viking Baldur has 95 staterooms and carries 190 passengers served by 50 crew members. The Viking long-ship Baldur has no gym, pool/whirlpool or spa. Guests may access health & spa facilities at luxury hotels along the Baldur’s itinerary route.

The Aquavit Terrace is one of the most popular features of Viking Longships. The space can go from outdoors to indoors depending on the weather and offers an outdoor dining experience that comes with 270-degree views.

The ship has several types of staterooms all offering outstanding views. The Explorer Suite, features a separate living room, a separate queen or king bed, a large bathroom with rain shower and a wraparound veranda terrace showcasing the view from the back of the ship. With more square footage Baldur's suites offer a comfortable, and impressive, private oasis for discerning guests.

This river cruise ship is named after the Norse mythology’s Baldur – god of light, love, happiness. The name Baldur (Balder) in Old Norse means “prince”. God Baldur (killed by Hod, who was tricked by Loki) was the son of Frigg and Odin.