Guests on Oceania’s Marina will enjoy elegant ambiance with an intimate and luxurious feel. Introduced in 2011, Marina is full of specialty amenities including gourmet dining by celebrity chef Jacques Pepin, hands-on cooking classes, wine tastings, seminars and much more. Afternoons can be spent listening to a classical string quartet while at afternoon tea before dining in a chandelier-clad restaurant.

What makes this ship unique?

Culinary selections on Marina are top of the line. The Culinary Center experience features a proper cooking school where guests can view demos and try to recreate the recipes hands-on. Marina offers six open-seating restaurants with to provide a fare for everyone on board. After dinner, guests can stop by the library for a relaxing evening and explore the over 2,000 selections of books and periodicals, or enjoy jazz night at Martinis.

Who is this ship best for?

Adults and couples looking for a sophisticated and luxurious feel will very much enjoy Oceania’s Marina. Accommodations are spacious and lavish, which paired with the superior service creates an impressive experience.