Cunard Line

Cunard Line

What is different about Cunard?

For over a century and a half, the iconic ocean liners of Cunard have been defining sophisticated ocean travel and have always been known as The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World.

From fabled vessels of the past to her present royal court - Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth - Cunard has carried guests across the great oceans and to the far points of the globe in unparalleled style. The most glamorous names of yesterday and today have made champagne toasts in her salons, waltzed the night away in her grand ballrooms, savored grand feasts of the finest flavors in her dining rooms, and whiled away hours immersed in fascinating conversation on her decks.

So what makes Cunard’s Ships ocean liners rather than regular cruise ships? The extra strengthening and sleek hull design allow the ship to handle rough seas better than any other cruise ships at sea right now, which is not a small thing - especially during those cold winter months.

Cunard provides gentleman hosts to dance with unaccompanied ladies.

The currency onboard is the US Dollar, even for cruises in Europe.

Daily traditional British afternoon tea is served in the Queens Room. 

Is Cunard Right for you?

Well-traveled American and British couples from their late thirties to retirees are attracted to Cunard’s traditional style and the idea of cruising on an ocean liner. The experience itself takes passengers back to a time when cruising was the only choice for crossing the Atlantic.

Spacious accommodations and complimentary self-serve laundry facilities makes this a great choice for families but there are notably less children on board than on similar size ships.

If you cringe at the idea of formality and don’t like to follow the rules – the dress code is enforced and you may find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable.