Checking in – Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Bayonne, NJ

Published 06/13/2016

Celebrity Summit ~ New Jersey to Bermuda

The cruise terminal boarding area opens at 10:30am. Once you enter the terminal, make sure to have your passports and cruise documents in hand.  We did the online pre-registration the week before the cruise, doing so helps you sail through registration. 

After the port greeters check your paperwork you are directed to the security line. Just like at the airport, you need to put your carryon luggage on a screening belt and walk through a metal detector.  Note – they are checking for alcohol in all bottles that you carry on with you.  You are allowed two 750ml bottles of wine per stateroom.  We brought unopened diet tonic water and caffeine free diet coke aboard with no issues.  Those in front of us who had previously opened bottles had the bottles opened and checked for alcohol.  Several folks had their drinks poured word to the wise; just don’t try to hide alcohol in water bottles or other containers.  

After you go through the security line you are then directed to your check in position. This is a giant terminal with many stations so the lines move very quickly.  The stations are marked with the class of stateroom you have, or the level of Captains Club Membership you have.

Once you are at the check in desk, you will be asked to sign a waiver letting the cruise line know if you have been sick in the past week.  They want to make sure that you are not coming aboard with a pre-existing illness. You must sign the waiver in order to get on the ship.

After you have filled out the waiver, you’ll be asked to sign one more thing, authorizing the cruise line to charge your credit card for any incidentals and anything you purchase on the ship.  Remember your cruise cards are your room keys and your charge cards for the week.  Once you receive your cruise cards, they will take your picture, which goes on the card so that no one else can use them.

Paperwork done, keys in hand, you’re on your way to the ship! You will be directed to the escalators, it goes up two stories and with bags can be a bit intimidating but don’t worry if you are uncomfortable taking the escalator, there are two large elevators that will take you to the gangway but you may have to wait a few minutes.