Karen Fiore

Karen Fiore

Your destination and group travel expert!

Rhode Island
Phone: 401-369-8457

About Karen

Karen has always loved to travel, as a matter of fact; she was one of the Cruise Brothers best customers before she joined the company over 20 years ago! She’s been on over 100 cruises, including cruises to Australia, Europe, The Mediterranean, Dubai, South America, China, Tahiti and the Caribbean. She’s excited to share her many experiences with her clients to help them plan a trip of a lifetime.   

Although she’s enjoyed everywhere she has been, her favorite is Italy and the Amalfi Coast. She once spent two weeks there and then returned on a cruise and had a marvelous time showing her friends around this picture perfect destination!

Although Karen enjoys visiting popular places like the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe it’s her love of exotic, unusual destinations that appeals to her adventurous side. She loves to take her two grandsons on vacation and introduce them to the wonders of the world. Let Karen help you book your next journey and explore the world like you never thought you could! 

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