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  • Knowledgeable
    Reviewer: Carol
    Location: Cincinnati, OH
    Travel Date: October, 2016

    I recommend Gina to everyone!

    Gina's responsiveness, professionalism, and pricing easily surpasses other agents I've used for previous cruises. Gina has handled many cruises for me; I often cruise twice a year and many bookings include multiple rooms with different families to coordinate. I could not be more pleased or recommend her enough. Gina’s hours and communication make it very convenient for me to get my questions answered; she has even gone above and beyond by responding to me while she was on vacation. I don’t recall ever going more than a couple hours without a reply from her. Talking with Gina feels like chatting with a long-time friend. I get a sense that she enjoys being an agent and helping people explore the world. She is always honest, cheerful, and thoughtful. I, and my other guests, are sometimes unfortunately high maintenance and contact her multiple times in one day, but Gina always handles our gnawing questions with grace and a good mood. It is wonderful for vacation planning to not feel like a chore because Gina has my back.

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