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Rhode Island
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Dorothy loves to travel! As a matter of fact with 88 cruises under her belt, you could say when is she not traveling? You see, this is a family affair, her two kids Devon and Dayle have been cruising since they were 6 months old and her husband Dennis is always planning for the next trip before they’ve even finished the cruise they are on!

As a matter of fact it was Dorothy’s husband who saw an ad for a work from home travel seminar that the Cruise Brothers was having and said this sounds perfect for you! Well, she went and the rest as they say is history!  Decker Family20 years later she’s still excited by the idea of travel and happy to share that excitement with her clients by offering insider tips from the many places in the world she’s traveled to!

With all her travels, there’s one excursion she’ll Bermuda never forget, the Cicchetti Tour in Venice. According to Dorothy, it’s an amazing glimpse at the Venetian way of life.  She got to visit the back streets away from the tourists and enjoy an evening like the locals!  Exploring the city’s best Bacari wine bars, and the food – plates of bite-sized local appetizers like fried olives, marinated seafood served on wedges of soft polenta, spicy meat balls and of course bruschetta what more can she say? Yum!

One thing's for sure, Dorothy is a cruise expert, she’s taken them all! So if you’re looking to take a River CAmerican Queenruise down the Mississippi, a fairy tale cruise down the Rhine or a cruise on one of the largest ships in the world, she’ll make sure it will be the trip of a lifetime!


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  • Knowledgeable
    Reviewer: HeinBloed
    Location: Germany
    Travel Date: February, 2018

    No typo when you get a downgrade offer

    It was now my cruise no. 90 since my first sailing in 2006. And about 2/3 of my bookings are done with Dorothy. Sometimes she is not very responsive... but she is cruise-addict herself and you need "training" to sale the best value for your customer. I think 50% of my cruises I booked with her I got some goodies on top or great upgrades like 16 cat. into a Window Suites on GRAND PRINCESS when we only booked an oceanview with obstructed view. Many of my friendst are booking with her too since she is accepting to adjust the price when the rates get lower. Some are not doing it since they have the policy: "you were satisfied with the price at the time of booking? Why should I get less commission because you are unsatisfied now". But Dorothy never. The best bargain was a cruise for free: I thought it was a typo when she wrote me Downgrade Offer: cruise rate at OBC and it was an expensive cruise on DIAMOND PRINCESS from Singapore to Japan. She is just a treasure. Even when final payment is made she talk with them and you get something as OBC. So when she came to Germany to Warnemünde it was no discussion to take her out to Berlin and show her around. This was a little repay for everything what she did for me.

    Would you recommend me to a friend? Yes