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Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranea Cruise. Cruise Brothers is your best source of Mediterranean Cruises.Find great deals on Mediterranean Cruises at!

Mediterranean cruises are an exciting choice for a cruise vacation. The diversity of destinations, cultures, and things to do and see aboard Mediterranean cruises are amazing for such a small geographical area. If you love history, great cities, or idyllic romantic islands, Mediterranean cruises are for you!

Looking for Special Deals on Mediterranean Cruises? Cruise Brothers has many discount Mediterranean cruises and cheap deals on Mediterranean cruises available now!

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The Mediterranean Sea stretches more than 2,200 miles from the straits of Gibraltar to the Black Sea and the Suez Canal. This 'cradle of civilization' offers a seductive mix of cultures, geography and history all in a beautiful climate. The area is full of diverse contrasts, from the sophistication of the Cote d'Azur to the hustle and bustle of Egyptian street markets and the relaxation of the Greek Islands.

On Mediterranean cruises, soak up both a tropical and cultural atmosphere by sailing through southern Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean cruises are perfect for a family cruise vacation or a honeymoon cruise.

Most of the major cruise lines offer Mediterranean cruises including: Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruises, Orient Lines Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourne Cruise Lines, Silver Sea Cruises, Windstar Cruises, and Holland America

Check out our specials on Mediterranean Cruises.

Climb aboard Mediterranean cruises with The Cruise Brothers.

Are you looking for an unforgettable tour-cruise vacation to the Mediterranean that won't hurt you wallet? Check it out now, and if you see a cruise vacation there that interests you, don't delay! Explore the wonders of the Mediterranean!

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Enjoy the wondrous GREECE & GREEK ISLES!

Mediterranean Cruises - Piraeus/Athens, Greece

Piraeus is the seaport for Athens, the capital of western civilization, which boasts a fantastic mix of classical ruins and vivacious modern life. In a single day, you can climb the hill of the Acropolis to wonder at the Parthenon, join the lively Athenians in Constitution Square, and then find a welcoming cruise ship waiting for you on this and other beautiful Mediterranean Cruises.

Mediterranean Cruises - Itea/Delphi, Greece

Itea is the port for Delphi, one of the ancient wonders of classical Greece. You can discover and explore those wonders on cheap Mediterranean cruises from A short sail there reveals the Sacred Way and the famed Shrine of Delphi, where the mythological Oracle was said to foretell the future.

Mediterranean Cruises - Olympia, Greece

Olympia, where the ancient Greeks flocked every four years for more than a millennium to celebrate the sacred games dedicated to Zeus. If you cruise with the cruise brothers you can visit all of Olympia on these amazing Mediterranean Cruises! Visit the ruins of the Sanctuary, with its athletic quadrangles, stadium-temples and treasuries; then browse in the modern Archaeological Museum, a treasure house of Archaic, Classical and Roman sculptures, including the famous Niki "Winged Victory."

Mediterranean Cruises - Parga, Greece

The cruise brothers stop in the magnificent little town of Parga, Greece. The brightly painted boats in its beautiful harbor offer trips to secluded and romantic sandy beaches nearby. The scent of jasmine fills the air as you stroll along the waterfront past open-air taverns, restaurants and cafes. This is the perfect romantic town for honeymoons! Who else could find you Mediterranean Cruises like this besides the brothers?

Mediterranean Cruises - Thessaloniki, Greece

The capital of Macedonia, a rich experience awaits you in this wealthy, energetic and youthful city. With the cruise brothers and their unparalleled Mediterranean Cruises, you can wonder around the chic stores. Explore the castle bound Old City and a sampling of fine Byzantine churches. Or, spend the day touring with the cruise brothers, the Vergina where the intact tomb of Philip II was recently discovered.

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GREEK ISLES - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Delos, Greece

The uninhabited island of Delos is one of the most jaw-dropping archaeological sites in any of the brothers Mediterranean cruises. You can stand in awe at the Temple of Apollo, if you cruise with the Cruise Brothers!

Mediterranean Cruises - Herakleion, Greece

Herakleion, the capital of Crete and its principal commercial port, is just three miles away from the breathtaking ruins of the Palace of Knossos. Also in Herakleion is an elaborate Minoan Palace. The brothers went all out for this and many other fantastic Mediterranean Cruises.

Mediterranean Cruises - Kos, Greece

Kos is known as the home of Hippocrates, father of medical science. The town is an archeological repository of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman ruins. Take a tour with the cruise brothers to the ancient Asklepeion and the island's archaeological museum on this and other ever fascinating Mediterranean Cruises.

Mediterranean Cruises - Mykonos, Greece

The narrow passageways of Mykonos are a twisted maze of whitewashed houses, but the cruise brothers will take you through it. Sample the freshest squid or lobster just snatched from the blue Aegean Sea, or shop for typical flokati rugs. Only the cruise brothers bring can bring you this caliber of Mediterranean cruises.

Mediterranean Cruises - Patmos, Greece

This Island is known as the site of the apocalyptic Revelations of St. John the Divine, written here during his exile from the Roman Empire. The cave where he lived is near the site of the Monastery of the Apocalypse. The Monastery of St. John, built on one of the island's highest points, houses priceless icons and manuscripts in its Treasury. If you want the best Mediterranean Cruises, give the cruise brothers a call at 1-800-827-7779!

Mediterranean Cruises - Rhodes, Greece

Legend has it that Apollo blessed this isle with sunshine and beauty. And the legend is true! Rhodes has so many magnificent sites to see True to the myths, the "Island of Roses" is rich in magnificent scenery and umbrella-lined beaches. In Rhodes you can lie on the beach or see breath-taking historical sites. You will also want to see the medieval Old Town, once home to the Crusading Knights of St. John, and tour the Grand Master's Palace. Expect the best Mediterranean Cruises from the cruise brothers.

Mediterranean Cruises - Santorini, Greece

With its steep volcanic flanks looming straight up from the sea, and the glamorous little white village of Thira clinging high atop the cliffs, Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking and legendary of all the Greek Isles. Santorini is also rumored to have found the lost continent of Atlantis! So come and cruise this and many other amazing Mediterranean Cruises the cruise brothers and see Atlantis!

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Take a cruise through the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN & BLACK SEA and experience:

CYPRUS - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Limassol, Cyprus

The birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is nearby on this island - the third largest in Europe. Explore Limassol with the cruise brothers and visit a mosque, browse the local artisan shops and take in the natural and architectural delights of Cyprus. This and other Mediterranean Cruises only available from the cruise brothers.

Mediterranean Cruises - Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel

Perched on sand dunes, Ashdod is a gateway to the Holy Land. From here, only with the cruise brothers can you enjoy this and many other Mediterranean Cruises! Among the many other sites of interest are the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and, in Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity. ROMANIA

Mediterranean Cruises - Constanta, Romania

The most important seaport on the Black Sea, Constanta is also a gateway to history. Take a walk among the fascinating ruins of Histria, the oldest of Romanian towns. Or drive through such resort towns as Mamaia, Eforie and Mangali. So book your Mediterranean Cruises to Romania today!

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TURKEY - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Bodrum, Turkey

Built upon the remains of the city of Halicarnassus, Bodrum is now a beautiful resort village that every traveler must see. Visit the ruins of the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Explore the Ancient Wonders of the World on this and other enthralling Mediterranean Cruises from

Mediterranean Cruises - Canakkale, Turkey

Canakkale is on the lies on the Asian border to Europe, so there are many cultures to explore. Visit the vast memorial at Galipoli Peninsula, site of the notorious World War I campaign. Be sure to sample the culinary delights of a meze, Turkey is the perfect destination for Mediterranean Cruises with the cruise brothers! Call us today to reserve the very limited openings for a Turkey cruise! 1-800-827-7779!

Mediterranean Cruises - Istanbul, Turkey

Once called Constantinople, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire is the only city in the world to straddle two continents: Europe and Asia. This is an unforgettable destination for Mediterranean Cruises with the Cruise Brothers! Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and Sultan treasures in Topkapi Palace await - as does the Grand Bazaar.

Mediterranean Cruises - Kusadasi, Turkey

This charming, picturesque resort where Antony and Cleopatra used to vacation is now available for Mediterranean Cruises to with the Cruise Brothers! Call to reserve your spot today!


Mediterranean Cruises - Odessa, Ukraine

Known for its cultural and historical attractions, Odessa is often referred to as the "Pearl of the Black Sea". This "Pearl" is now available to cruise to with the Cruise Brothers! This Ukrainian town is now a center of industry and shipping as well as a popular coastal resort where visitors come to experience its "curative muds." Start Cruising Mediterranean Cruises with the Cruise Brothers!

Book Mediterranean Cruises Online @
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Visit the WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN & RIVIERAS with the Cruise Brothers and discover:

FRANCE - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Ajaccio, Corsica , France

On the French island of Corsica, There is a lot of historical sites to see as well as many shopping districts to visit. Book your Mediterranean Cruises with the Cruise Brothers today!

Mediterranean Cruises - Nice, France

Known as the "Queen of the Riviera" this cosmopolitan resort city is abundant in boutiques, nightclubs and museums. Browse Monte Carlo's glamorous casino, or Monaco's royal allure. This is all possible if you reserve your Mediterranean Cruises with Cruise Brothers! Call us for your once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Nice! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Sete, France

Nearby the charming port of Sete is Carcassonne, your cruise ship awaits you. While the knights and their horses have long been gone, you can cruise in luxury to Sete with the Cruise Brothers! Explore the town's boutiques and cafes to get a luxurious feel on French lifestyle. Call the Cruise Brothers to reserve this and other today! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - St. Tropez, France

No introduction is needed for what is perhaps the world's best known cruising experience on the Riviera. Immerse yourself in the splendid scenery of the Cote d'Azur with an excursion with the Cruise Brothers! This and other Mediterranean Cruises only available from

Mediterranean Cruises - Villefranche, France

This village of 7,000 inhabitants is hidden among wooded slopes, above the crystalline waters of the Cote d'Azure. The town itself is delightful, with medieval chapels and an impressive hilltop fortress this is the perfect cruise destination. And, just up the coast are the luxuries of Nice and the extravagance of Monte Carlo, so Villefranche is a extraordinary cruise location for the Mediterranean and easily accessible to elaborate France! Call for once in a lifetime Mediterranean Cruises!

Book Mediterranean Cruises Online @
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GIBRALTAR (UNITED KINGDOM) - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Gibraltar, United Kingdom

One of the "Pillars of Hercules," Gibraltar is an historic that is a must-see! Guarding the entrance to the Atlantic, the great rock still serves as Britain's landmark to the Mediterranean. Take a cable car to the top of the rock for a spectacular view of two continents as well as the famous Barbary apes. This is a breath taking island in the Mediterranean to see, so scheldule your Mediterranean Cruises with the Brothers today! 1-800-827-7779

ITALY - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Capri, Italy

Known as the "Island of Love", perfect Mediterranean Cruises for Cruise Brothers cheap Mediterranean cruises! With the Cruise Brothers! Capri offers stunning views, dozens of international cafes, fine Mediterranean restaurants and sophisticated resort shopping. Enjoy a cruise trip around the coast to witness the hypnotic beauty of the Blue Grotto. Call the Cruise Brothers today! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Rome, Italy

You will want to see it all: the soaring inspiration of St. Peter's, the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel; the flow of life along the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum, the Via Veneto and Trevi Fountain. Be sure to Reserve your once-in-a-lifetime Mediterranean Cruises with the Cruise Brothers! Call us today at 1-800-827-7779!

Mediterranean Cruises - Florence, Italy

The creative explosion happened right here, with masterworks by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Botticelli now landmarks of daily life. Ufizzi, Academmia, and Duomo. When you reserve your cruise space now you can witness he creative explosion! Call the Cruise Brothers today to get discount Mediterranean cruises! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Isole Ponziane, Italy

Discover the largest and most magnificent of the Ponziane Islands. Isole Ponziane boasts the Chiaia di Luna beach and a magnificent shoreline composed of bays, cliffs and grottoes. This is the perfect destination for Mediterranean cruises to get away for a stress-free cruise destination! Call the Cruise Brothers today to Cruise to Isole Ponziane! Call us at 1-800-827-7779!

Mediterranean Cruises - Naples, Italy

One of the most spectacular bays in the world lies in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Seek out the San Carlo Opera House and the cathedral of San Janarious, or discover the ancient ruins in the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Call the Cruise Brothers today to make sure you get your dream Mediterranean Mediterranean Cruises! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Portofino, Italy

Often called the "Pearl of the Riviera," this charming hideaway on the Ligurian Sea is a favorite vacation spot of many wealthy Europeans, but it is available to you today for a low price! Call the Cruise Brothers to snatch this golden opportunity for Mediterranean Cruises! 1-800-827-7779. Portofino is best known for its chic boutiques, elaborate outdoor restaurants, and beachside cliffs that are speckled with pastel-colored villas.

Mediterranean Cruises - Sorrento, Italy

Some of Italy's most romantic villages cling to the dramatic slopes of the ruggedly beautiful Amalfi Coast. This is the time for Mediterranean Cruises with the Cruise Brothers! Take advantage and call today! 1-800-827-7779. Sorrento's one so moving it inspired a song.

Mediterranean Cruises - Venice, Italy

Venice enchants you from your first glimpse as your ship glides through the Grand Canal . Be sure not to leave without a romantic ride along the canals in a gondola. Venice is the perfect destination to leave on for cheap Mediterranean cruises with the Cruise Brothers! Give us a call today and we will happily arrange your dream cruise to the Mediterranean for you!

Book Mediterranean Cruises Online @
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SARDINIA (ITALY) - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

As Sardinia's capital, Cagliari is both a thriving modern city and a fine example of the varied history of this Italian island. Explore the Roman amphitheater and Spanish townhouses. Antiques are in abundance here, so reserve your Mediterranean Cruises today with the Cruise Brothers to ensure your get antiques from Cagliari! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy

Secreted among the inlets of Sardinia's rugged northern coast is the Costa Smeralda, a carefully planned retreat with Porto Cervo at its heart. A scenic drive into the mountains takes you past elegant private homes and resort hotels that look out over hidden coves and sparkling beaches. This exclusive city can be in the palms of your hands if you call the Cruise Brothers and reserve discount Mediterranean cruises today! 1-800-827-7779

SICILY (ITALY) - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Messina, Sicily, Italy

The setting for Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Messina has much to offer in the way of history. Its dramatic, boulder-filled harbor has challenged navigators since the days of Ulysses. The city's Bell Tower is the most magnificent and best working mechanical clock in the world. To see this magnificent city in action call the Cruise Brothers today to reserve discount Mediterranean Cruises of a lifetime! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Once regarded as Europe's grandest, most beautiful city, Palermo is still quite impressive. This city is filled with delightful and gorgeous historical sights that are a must see. Call the Cruise Brothers today to ensure you get to see this city on cheap Mediterranean cruises! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Taormina, Sicily, Italy

With the impressive Mt. Etna as a backdrop, the chic resort of Taormina is absolutely breath-taking. Spend some stress free time along the Corso Umberto, where there are many amazing places to shop and dine. Seek this opportunity for Mediterranean Cruises and call the Cruise Brothers today!

Book Mediterranean Cruises Online @
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SPAIN - Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the cultural heartland of Spain, yet its first language is Catalan, the native tongue of the proudly independent Catalonia region. Stroll down the shady, tree-lined Ramblas between street musicians and elegant bistros. This opportunity can be yours by calling the Cruise Brothers and reserving your Mediterranean Cruises!

Mediterranean Cruises - Mahon, Menorca, Spain

Menorca is considered the gem of the Balearic Islands. Mahon, its most important port, is also its capital. You can view spectacular views from all over this island. Escape to the lighthouse at Favoritz and enjoy a secluded beach. This magnificent island can be in the palm of your hands if you call the Cruise Brothers and reserve your Mediterranean Cruises! 1-800-827-7779

Mediterranean Cruises - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The major island in the chain known as the Balearics, Mallorca is Spain's sunny outpost in the Mediterranean. Leave time to shop for lovely majolica faux pearls and hand-made lace. This wonderful opportunity can easily be yours if you call the Mediterranean Cruises experts at Cruise Brothers today and reserve your Mediterranean cruise! Call 1-800-827-7779 for the cruise of a lifetime!

Mediterranean Cruises - Puerto Banus, Spain

This golden beach hideaway in Spain's famed Costa del Sol region is known to be favored by well-heeled Europeans. Stroll the yacht-filled harbor with its sophisticated shops and restaurants. Set high above the Guadalevin River, the town is known for its spectacular views and amazing bridges spanning the river gorge, and for its beautifully restored old Moorish town. This lavish experience can all be yours if you call the Cruise Brothers today and reserve discount Mediterranean cruises of a lifetime!

Chart your course for Mediterranean Cruises relaxation with or call 1-800-827-7779 to talk to a Mediterranean cruises expert.

We want you to be 100% confident in booking your Mediterranean Cruises with us and join our family of satisfied customers.

Mediterranean Cruises
•Visit all of the Mediterranean has to offer during your Mediterranean Cruise
•Warm sand between your toes as you sit on the beatiful beaches during your Mediterranean Cruise
•Swimming in the aqua ocean - on your Mediterranean Cruise
•Eating fresh Mediterranean meals
•Having a gorgeous view at all times during your Mediterranean Cruise!
•Everyday traveling in all different countries - Only on Mediterranean Cruises!

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